PRQ is your single source for state regulatory and legislative intelligence through our Strategic Update Service.

We offer four value propositions:

  1. A biweekly or monthly report (PDF) highlighting policy developments and identifying any next actions organizations need to take.
  2. Access to an online database for custom tracking of legislation and regulations.
  3. Freed-up resources for you and your team to focus on high-value work.
  4. Policy analysis done by humans, not a computer algorithm, focused on why a specific policy issue matters to your business’s bottom line.

Currently, our team provides a biweekly Strategic Update on retail energy, a monthly Strategic Update on retail energy compliance, and a monthly Strategic Update on solar energy. We are continually evaluating other industries and subsectors for future coverage, and welcome feedback and inquiries on designing new reports. Our team has experience in agriculture, education (secondary and higher ed), financial services, health care, manufacturing, non-profit management, and more.