Strategic Update Service

A customized state regulatory and legislative monitoring report in an easy-to-scan, concise format. Information can be accessed both through a PDF emailed to your team on a regular basis as well as through our custom-built online database. Subscribers can get access to all covered markets or choose specific ones.

Strategic Update – Retail Energy:

This biweekly report offers coverage of 21 U.S. states (expanding to 23 in 2019) and 3 Canadian provinces with retail energy markets (gas, electric, or both). The Update includes public utility commission dockets and bills in state legislatures which deal with sales and marketing by suppliers and brokers, customer enrollment (including door-to-door, telemarketing, direct mail, and online channels); EDI, data access, and information security; customer billing, including consolidated billing and purchase of receivables; contract renewals and assignment; utility distribution rate cases and major default service proceedings; renewable energy obligations; and compliance reporting. Please see a sample here or email PRQ here for more information about a subscription.

Strategic Update – Retail Energy Compliance:

A monthly report providing coverage of 21 U.S. states that is focused narrowly on proposed, new, or changing compliance obligations for retail energy suppliers and brokers. Includes access to a 12-month compliance obligation calendar. Please see a sample here or email PRQ here for more information about a subscription.

Strategic Update – Solar:

A monthly report covering all 50 U.S. states that tracks policy developments -related to policy, community solar, interconnection standards, net metering, renewable portfolio standards, renewable energy credits and solar renewable energy credits, statewide RFPs, and certain utility tariff changes. Please see a sample here or email PRQ here for more information about a subscription.

State Retail Energy Compliance Summary:

A 20-40 page report summarizing all the key public utility commission regulations governing retail energy suppliers in a state. Includes a 12-month compliance calendar, and a one-time annual refresh for a discounted rate. Please see a sample here or purchase a summary directly here.

Other Services

As a company our focus is on intelligence, analysis, and insight, but we also offer advocacy and issue coalition services to retail energy companies, delivered by the PRQ team as well as key partners.


For organizations that need more than monitoring. Includes drafting, filing, and delivering formal testimony and comments; securing meetings with policymakers; and representing an organization’s interests, formally and informally, before state legislatures and regulatory agencies.

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Industry & Issue Coalitions

Coalitions demonstrate credibility to regulators and policymakers and help avoid concerns about single-organization partisanship or preferential treatment. P.R. Quinlan builds and manages advocacy efforts that span the interests of an entire industry as well as groups focused on achieving outcomes on a single issue. PRQ currently oversees coalitions of energy suppliers in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as a national organization, the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers, focused on consumer education about energy choice. Email us for more information